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2018 Events Calendar



01-St. John Gents/DIVAS


02-First Sunday/Holy Communion


03-Labor Day (Office Closed)


05-Bible Study/Prayer Meeting/Youth Church


08-Men’s Ministry Meeting


08-Singles Ministry Meeting 11:00 AM/CR#2


09-HYPE Youth Church Celebration 11:00


09-Grandparents Day


10-Food Pantry 11-12


11-Activities Council


12-Women Intermediate Ministry Mtg 6:00


12- Bible Study/Prayer Meeting/Youth Church


16-HYPE Youth Church 11:00


17-Food Pantry 11-12


19-Hospitality Meeting 6:00


19-Bible Study/Prayer Meeting/Youth Church


22-S.A.L.T. Activity


24-Food Pantry 11-12


25-Usher’s Meeting


26-5th Sunday Congress @ Zion Hope


27-5th Sunday Congress @ Zion Hope


28-5th Sunday Congress @ Zion Hope

01-Food Pantry 11-1


03-HYPE Youth Church/Prayer Mtg/Bible Study


07-Communion & Baptism/New Members Class 101


07-Miss Debutante Cotillion Dinner Sale


08-Food Pantry 11-1


09-Activities Council Meeting 6:00 pm


10-HYPE Youth Church/Prayer Mtg/Bible Study


14-New Members Class 201  9:30 a.m.


14-Miss Debutante Cotillion Dinner Sale


15-Food Pantry 11-1


17-HYPE Youth Church/Prayer Mtg/Bible Study


20-Mt Pilgrim "Glitter &N Glitz" Program $20 donation


21-New Members Class 301 @ 9;30


22-Food Pantry 11-1


24-Old Fashion Prayer Service 7:00pm


27-Old Fashion Fish Fry 12-3


28-Old Fashion Pack the Pew Contest


28-New Members 401 @ 9:30


29-Food Pantry 11-1


31-Harvest Festival

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